April 30, 2015. A day many of us are counting down to. For a handful, it is a day where applicants must give up all, but one, of their acceptances. For others, it represents a silver-lining as spots become available for those who are currently awaiting decisions. I never thought I would be amongst the handful, HECK! I was certain I would become a reapplicant. Thankfully, three schools considered me a good fit and offered me a place in their incoming class of 2019. That’s a good thing, right? 

Can’t I attend them all?

At this time, I have decided which of the three I would like to attend, but at times I can battle with my choice. On one hand, it is the perfect school for me, and on the other hand I feel swayed by outside opinions. Honestly, I have no idea why people feel the need to comment on my decision-making, especially when they themselves have no idea how difficult the application process is. Nonetheless, I am going to go with my first choice, and I will not look back. 

What factors play a vital role in determining the right school for you? 

7 thoughts on “In[Decision].

    • Operation: Med Student says:

      Well there are a few factors that I felt were important to me:

      School’s mission: I want to go into community-based medicine, and the school began as a response to community needs. Also, it specifically deals with the community I want to serve, so I feel as though it would best equip me.

      Class size: I come from a small school, so the fact that the class size is 24 students is something I like.

      Curriculum: The integrated curriculum and planned reiteration I think would be helpful. I enjoy the big picture, and think if I learn things simultaneously it would help them make sense.

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      • Derin A. says:

        That’s great! Sounds like the school has the most important qualities you’re looking for. And wow 24 students! Talk about individualized attention/ learning. Congrats on making that decision!


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