Attention Applicants: Just to raise your spirits.

My blog has been on my heart lately, and recently I’ve felt this passion to write… but haven’t been sure of what to EXACTLY write.

First thing on the agenda is a small update: School is going well– if you consider actively treading in the deepest portion of the sea to be “doing well.” I’ve enjoyed all of my classmates that I have met here at DGSOM, and I am grateful to be apart of a cohort with 27 other students in the CDU/UCLA program. Things have been a bit challenging, but with the help of classmates and study dates with Sir Immunology and Madam Embryology, I’ve been doing well. My first block exam is coming up in four weeks, and surprisingly, I am looking forward to the exam. Or maybe, it’s the class trip that follows the first exam lol… who knows?

The other thing I wanted to do is provide encouragement to current applicants. What I find interesting, is that I can see the swell of neuroticism in current applicants, and I think to myself “That was soo me last year.” By this time last year, I had submitted my secondaries with my fingers crossed behind my back, my lucky rabbit’s foot(kidding) and my Bible for strength. I needed ALL the powers that be in order to get into medical school, I am convinced!

Now that I’ve crossed the threshold, I want to remind you: wherever you are in this application cycle, is exactly where you are supposed to be. Don’t lose sight of your mission and goals, because you were too focused on those of someone else. Take some personal time to orient yourself and remind yourself of the good things that you’ve accomplished thus far. By now, you’ve faced the beast that we shall call “Le’ MCAT”, you’ve spent weeks on perfecting and refining your AMCAS, and worked hard to maintain the grades you’ve earned whether from undergrad, a post-bacc program or a masters. Look at all the great things you’ve accomplished! Write out positive affirmations, and surround yourself with positive people who will cheer you on when your thoughts begin to wander to Sir Perfect from Almighty University who’s received 40 interview invites.

Sir Almighty will not be there in the interview room with you. They were not there during those long study sessions for those difficult exams. So don’t fret! Don’t lose sight, and remember to:

Take a step back



Put your game face on

And grind…

Because at the end of the day, you are doing this in order to fulfill your mission. It’s Operation: (Insert your name)… Are you ready?

P.S.– If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or I can provide my email address, so you can contact me directly.

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