Where’s my fibroblast?

My life... lol

My life… lol

Fibroblast: An entity that resides in the dermal layer of the skin, and is responsible for secretion of collagen which offers buoyancy and support.

OKAY, OKAY, OKAY… enough with the science, I know.

Several critics reside on both sides of the “Love vs. Career” argument, and here I am between the two. No, I am not dating anyone, or have “baby fever,” but recently I woke up and realized–

“life will not truly start until I am about 30.”

… Talk about delayed gratification.

Many a friend have progressed in their lives as they’ve dawned new roles as “wife”, “mother” and the like. At times, it can feel as though I have not progressed, but I have. I mean, I’m in medical school– and that’s one giant leap towards my goal, right? So why am I feeling this way? Sometimes I just want my fibroblast. One who can sense external stressors, and be that buoyant support which holds me together.

Meh, I’ll reflect on it some more…

In the interim, my focus will be on furthering my personal relationship with these immunology, embryology and genetics topics in preparation for my block exam.

If you’ve felt the same, what has helped you?

2 thoughts on “Where’s my fibroblast?

  1. TheFaithfulAcademic says:

    I really like that “fibroblast” analogy! LOL. I can relate to that feeling—in those moments however, I try to remind myself that I AM living life and one with the amazing privilege to pursue my dream career. And that if there is a “fibroblast” out there for me, he will come in due time 😉

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