When Storms Breathe…

Thunderstorms. As terrifying as they might be, I could not help but to stand in awe outside of my home. Was it due to the synchronous swaying of the trees? Or perhaps, the air as it travelled heavy with condensation? Despite the physical beauty, it was the underlying lesson that left me in awe.

To be frank, each time the lightning struck, I screamed and became uneasy. I was not afraid of being struck by lightning; rather, I was afraid of what I saw, and not the imminent harm. While speeding home, I told myself: “Once you change directions, you’ll no longer see the lightning. There will no longer be a reason to fear.” For a moment, this affirmation was true. I had merged onto the 17-North toward Flagstaff, and could no longer visualize the storm. Just as fast as my fears diminished, they resurfaced– largely because I realized the lightning had repetitively touched down over the mountains directly adjacent to my home. Not only am I visualizing this storm once more, the lightning is closer, and paints the sky white with each strike.

While working through my emotions, a lesson became increasingly clear. Thunderstorms (e.g., challenges, difficult situations etc.) may seem far away, yet they might be closer than you know. Moreover, quick remedies may calm our feelings, but they may recur with greater fervor. In the face of these thunderstorms, the real question you must ask yourself: Will I run away, or stand and bear it? Either decision will have downstream effects, so which one will you choose?


Lightning over the northern side of Phoenix. 

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