Wine Not?

Happy July beauties and gents!

It has been SUCH a long time since I’ve written a blog post, so I thought I’d dust off the old keyboard and share with you all a hiatus update. To be honest, it feels like I was JUST finishing up my first year of medical school, and now I’m deep in my third year clerkships. Crazy, right? Only two years to go, and then FREEDOM  residency (bruh!). In addition to crossing over from my pre-clinical to clinical years, I have also sat for, and passed, Step 1. To be honest, I was not the happiest when it came to my score, but I was content because I knew I had given the exam everything that I had. But enough about the exam that shall no longer be named (that is, until my post on step 1 resources/schedule).

What I really want to share with you all is my adventure to Malibu’s Wine Safari. IMG_1503
Located in Agoura Hills, this 90-minute wine safari is nestled on the 1000-acre
Saddlerock Ranch, which doubles as an exotic wildlife sanctuary. Here, you can try their cleverly named collection of red and white wines, as well as feed their exotic inhabitants. Although pricey, ($65-155 per person), Malibu Wine Safari has discounts available via Groupon which came in clutch! To be honest, I loved the entire environment, and look forward to returning in the near future. The stories about how each of the animals were brought to Saddlerock were unbelievable! If memory serves me correct, the bison were brought to California to be apart of a movie, but because of their limited funding, the set was packed up and the bison were left behind. Who does that? But I digress, so I’ll get off my podium of indignation now, and return to my regularly scheduled blog post!



Saddlerock Ranch, Agoura Hills


One of the more popular animals there was a giraffe by the name of Stanley. If you’ve seen Hangover 3 before, then you’ve seen this handsome fella. IMG_1583Stanley is perhaps the cutest giraffe I’ve ever seen! I mean, I’m sure he was super friendly because of the head of lettuce in my hand, but I don’t care… friendly is friendly, right? If you’re ever in SoCal, and you’re wondering where can you be amused and slightly inebriated, then I highly recommend Malibu’s Wine Safari. If you ever want to go to the zoo, without being judged by hundreds of kids because you, too, are excited to feed the llamas, then I highly recommend Malibu’s Wine Safari! If you want to go to a vineyard without paying Napa or Temecula prices, then I highly recommend Malibu’s Wine Safari. Have I convinced you yet? If you decide to go, I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Stay beautiful inside and out,

Love OMS


P.S.– I’m not here for these 4th of July fireworks, and need these neighbors to CHIIIILLL!



2 thoughts on “Wine Not?

  1. Trisha says:

    Ahhh I ‘m jealous. I was supposed to go and then ended up having to cancel the excursion at the last minute. I’m glad you liked Stanley bc I wasn’t sure if it was worth the extra $30 to see him (compared to the other package that was cheaper). Also thanks for the groupon tip… I’ll be searching the Internets before I reschedule my next trip bc I was definitely about to pay full price the last time lol


    • Operation: Med Student says:

      Yes! Stanley was like the best part of the tour!! The only downside about Groupon is I’m not sure how scheduling works if you want to go with a group of people. I know you can select dates, but I’m not sure whether or not the time slots are also available, or if they choose that for you.


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