Spring Forward.

Hello beauties and gents!

I hope that Spring is treating you all well! It’s pretty gloomy on this side of town, but I’m looking forward to the beautiful weather that summer will soon bring. ALSO, I should apologize to you all for the lapse in blog posts, but here are a few updates!

  • Welcome Baby Boy!  My pregnancy journey has officially come to an end, and my partner and I welcomed a beautiful, bouncing baby boy. Of note, my pregnancy was filled with several challenges (e.g., hyperemesis gravidarum, SGA, pelvic instability, breech presentation etc.), which contributed to bringing my little guy into the world via c-section. Although I would have loved to have experienced labor, and delivering vaginally, I am convinced that everything happens for a reason (and he’s here which is ALL THAT MATTERS lol!). Now, we are actively trying to get our little one to chubz status with a diet consisting of Mama Bear’s Liquid Gold, so I’ll keep you updated on his progress! To my OpMedStudent fam, thank you so much for your prayers and well wishes. I’m sure it had a hand in ensuring that our little one was brought into the world as healthy as can be!07-3A8A4332
  • I am officially an MD/MPH Candidate. So I’ve decided to take a year off between third and fourth year to pursue an MPH at my current institution. There were a few motivating factors, but most important: I want to strengthen my research and analytical skills regarding underserved communities, and how to bring resources to them. It’ll be a different pace for sure, but I think that it will ultimately be good decision (given my patients will benefit from it). If you’re considering a concurrent degree, and have questions, PLEASE feel free to reach out.
  • Medical school is still in the cards! When I revealed to my loved ones that I was pregnant, many wondered if this would be the end of my medical school journey. As if having my little chubz would mean that I could no longer pursue this high-intensity field. Welp! Let me tell you all that I will indeed finish medical school, and now I am more determined to do so than before! Also, I am still technically a third year, because I had to take time-off for maternity leave. So I have ~3 more rotations left before I can transition to my MPH year. I hope I can finish them strong!

So those are my updates! If you have any questions, or are interested in a particular topic, please feel free to comment below! ❤

With love,



2 thoughts on “Spring Forward.

  1. doctor2be2022 says:

    Hiya! Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy (I love that you call him chubz)!
    Also the ‘concurrent’ degree – we do something called an intercalation in UK med schools, where we take out a year to so some research. Is this similar to what you will be doing?
    Best of luck with everything!

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