Well, sort of... Even though adequate time has passed since my last post, I just want you all to know that I am alive and doing well! ❤ My exam period starts in T-minus 4 days, and I am excited about the sleep, manicure/pedicure and crochet braids that are soon to follow (prepping for block … Continue reading Revival.

New Year, Same School Work

Happy New Year beauties and gents ❤ Once again, I apologize for the delay in my posting! This has been my current situation: That's right. I have been living under a rock piles of work and learning objectives. I think the most difficult part of this block is simply time management. There's been so much to … Continue reading New Year, Same School Work

Keep Growin’ Strong.

Based on my last post, I am sure you all were aware that things had been challenging for me. To add some context, Block 2 was pretty stressful. Not due to the difficulty of the material, but due to the self-doubt. At my school, we take weekly self-assessments that do not count for a grade, … Continue reading Keep Growin’ Strong.

It’s Live!

I've finally joined the 21st century, and created a Twitter account! Follow me on twitter to stay connected with my life and blog post!     See you later beauties and gents ❤ OMS

Crystal Stairs

To those who frequent my blog, friends, family and those whom I've yet to meet, this is for us all. I typically start with an update of what life has been like as a first year medical student, but I think I'd rather jump right in on this one. Life has been quite challenging. I mean, … Continue reading Crystal Stairs

Where’s my fibroblast?

Fibroblast: An entity that resides in the dermal layer of the skin, and is responsible for secretion of collagen which offers buoyancy and support. OKAY, OKAY, OKAY... enough with the science, I know. Several critics reside on both sides of the "Love vs. Career" argument, and here I am between the two. No, I am … Continue reading Where’s my fibroblast?