It’s Live!

I've finally joined the 21st century, and created a Twitter account! Follow me on twitter to stay connected with my life and blog post!     See you later beauties and gents ❤ OMS

Crystal Stairs

To those who frequent my blog, friends, family and those whom I've yet to meet, this is for us all. I typically start with an update of what life has been like as a first year medical student, but I think I'd rather jump right in on this one. Life has been quite challenging. I mean, … Continue reading Crystal Stairs

Where’s my fibroblast?

Fibroblast: An entity that resides in the dermal layer of the skin, and is responsible for secretion of collagen which offers buoyancy and support. OKAY, OKAY, OKAY... enough with the science, I know. Several critics reside on both sides of the "Love vs. Career" argument, and here I am between the two. No, I am … Continue reading Where’s my fibroblast?

Attention Applicants: Just to raise your spirits.

My blog has been on my heart lately, and recently I've felt this passion to write... but haven't been sure of what to EXACTLY write. First thing on the agenda is a small update: School is going well-- if you consider actively treading in the deepest portion of the sea to be "doing well." I've enjoyed … Continue reading Attention Applicants: Just to raise your spirits.


First day of foundations curriculum was today, and boy oh boy I had no clue what I got myself into! I mean I love genetics and Molecular Biology is my thing, but they definitely went through two weeks worth of material in a one hour lecture. Looking back: the fire hydrant of information metaphor was … Continue reading OMGenetics 

The Transition.

Dear White Coat, Despite the road travelled, the numerous medical school interviews and the host of trials and tribulations, I wear you proudly. You do not solely represent the transition into the professional arena of medicine, you also are a dream-fulfilled. It is not only a sign of the profession, it is a reminder that … Continue reading The Transition.

Small Update

Sorry! It has not been my intention to neglect my blog! Just wanted to give you all an update: Things are going well in life Pre-matriculation started and I totally love my cohort I feel a lot better knowing that I have 27 other students who have my back, and faculty who want the best … Continue reading Small Update

Oh You Fancy Huh? The Internal Struggle of Higher Education

Cinderella, the timeless creation of the Brothers Grimm, chronicles the life of a lowly servant turned princess. This past weekend, I went to see the new adaptation of the film. The film was great, but I had no clue that "Cinder" Ella was an insult! According to the Oxford Dictionary, a cinder is "a small … Continue reading Oh You Fancy Huh? The Internal Struggle of Higher Education