Interviews and Inner Views: Q & A Session

  Dear Applicant,   The road towards medicine may be relatively difficult, but know that you are courageous for taking the first step and applying. This blog post is inspired by my own personal journey, and designed to give you insight. If you feel as though your questions were not answered, please comment below and … Continue reading Interviews and Inner Views: Q & A Session

Tell me About Yourself

This past summer I completed a fellowship with the Primary Care Leadership Program. On one hand, I considered the experience a test of endurance-- given this was the first time I was away from home, and Arizona is a bit on the hotter side! On the other hand, it challenged me to come to grips with … Continue reading Tell me About Yourself

Inner Views and Interviews.

I know interview season is coming up, and I am excited to hear about your journeys. Based on the feedback I received, I will be doing a blog post regarding interview tips. In order for this to be an effective post, please feel free to ask questions in the comments below. OR, you can direct … Continue reading Inner Views and Interviews.


Well, sort of... Even though adequate time has passed since my last post, I just want you all to know that I am alive and doing well! ❤ My exam period starts in T-minus 4 days, and I am excited about the sleep, manicure/pedicure and crochet braids that are soon to follow (prepping for block … Continue reading Revival.

New Year, Same School Work

Happy New Year beauties and gents ❤ Once again, I apologize for the delay in my posting! This has been my current situation: That's right. I have been living under a rock piles of work and learning objectives. I think the most difficult part of this block is simply time management. There's been so much to … Continue reading New Year, Same School Work

Attention Applicants: Just to raise your spirits.

My blog has been on my heart lately, and recently I've felt this passion to write... but haven't been sure of what to EXACTLY write. First thing on the agenda is a small update: School is going well-- if you consider actively treading in the deepest portion of the sea to be "doing well." I've enjoyed … Continue reading Attention Applicants: Just to raise your spirits.

AMCAS Series- Writing a [Personal] Statement

The personal statement. This narrative can either make a good applicant great or can be the reason an applicant is passed over for an interview. For those who are gifted writers, it may not take them a long time to concisely express their reasoning behind their decision. For me, it took a LONG time: Six … Continue reading AMCAS Series- Writing a [Personal] Statement

AMCAS Series- Developing a School List

I think this was probably the hardest part of the cycle for me. Previously, I had been awarded a fee waiver through AAMC's Fee Assistance Program and I knew my plan of attack had to be specific and meticulous. As a new applicant, I had no idea what lay ahead. Sure I had heard of … Continue reading AMCAS Series- Developing a School List

AMCAS 2016- It’s Live 

How exciting? Or nerve-wracking for some. Now that my cycle is over, I have this new passion for helping others prepare for medical school. I, by no means, was a superstar applicant, but I hope I can help as much as I can. If there are any topics you'd like to see (seriously, any) please … Continue reading AMCAS 2016- It’s Live