Interviews and Inner Views: Q & A Session

  Dear Applicant,   The road towards medicine may be relatively difficult, but know that you are courageous for taking the first step and applying. This blog post is inspired by my own personal journey, and designed to give you insight. If you feel as though your questions were not answered, please comment below and … Continue reading Interviews and Inner Views: Q & A Session


Well, sort of... Even though adequate time has passed since my last post, I just want you all to know that I am alive and doing well! ❤ My exam period starts in T-minus 4 days, and I am excited about the sleep, manicure/pedicure and crochet braids that are soon to follow (prepping for block … Continue reading Revival.

Oh You Fancy Huh? The Internal Struggle of Higher Education

Cinderella, the timeless creation of the Brothers Grimm, chronicles the life of a lowly servant turned princess. This past weekend, I went to see the new adaptation of the film. The film was great, but I had no clue that "Cinder" Ella was an insult! According to the Oxford Dictionary, a cinder is "a small … Continue reading Oh You Fancy Huh? The Internal Struggle of Higher Education


April 30, 2015. A day many of us are counting down to. For a handful, it is a day where applicants must give up all, but one, of their acceptances. For others, it represents a silver-lining as spots become available for those who are currently awaiting decisions. I never thought I would be amongst the … Continue reading In[Decision].